Shayna Zhang

Video content creator specializing in social media and marketing who believes in the power behind real stories!

Show Reel


Mini Documentary

Mini Documentary

Produced inspiring stories about love and belief. Edited two versions documentaries, including interviews, b-roll, and voiceover. Selected music, mixed audio, and color corrected.

Branding Video

Promotional Video

Produced, wrote and edited three promotional videos for multiple platforms. Determined client needs, wrote proposal and script. Videos showcased on social media.

Internet Movie


Produced two 90 min movies with over 6 million total internet views. Conducted marketing campaigns, fund-raising, and managed operations. Built competitive benchmark models to track market trends. Negotiated product placement. 

Culture-Cross Talk Show

Original Content
Series Talk Show

Created original content series and launched channel on YouTube and other video platforms. Produced 9 episodes about cultural differences between China and America. "Different Beauty Standards" got 4M views on TikTok in China.

On-Camera Talent

On-Camera Talent

Named one of the world’s top 10 parades. Hosted live stream and covered over 100 entries- Event viewership of up to 3 million people. Wrote script for co-host broadcast. Collaborated with production team and crew. 

Music Video


Wrote, directed, acted and edited as well as sang and performed the music.

Shot on iPhone.

My Story

Producer | Editor | Content Creator

Shayna Zhang

I’m a video content creator who comes from a musicology background with years of experience in social media and advertising. 

After 2 years marketing experience in one of the top three new media channels in China, I co-founded an internet film company and produced two 90 minutes movies with over 6 million total views. I started created a cultural differences content series and launched my video channel on multiple platforms. after I study in the U.S.

My recent documentary about Silicon Valley Chinese won the the Best Short Documentary Award of at the San Francisco International New Concept Film Festival

I'm highly passionate about creating powerful, inspiring and engaging stories. I focus on short-form videos for multi-platform medias. I thrive at working at speed in a fast-paced environment, without sacrificing the quality of content. My passion for culture, travel, food, art, fashion, and lifestyle comes in handy.